New year, new M24KC

Four and a half month until start and already 60 registered! But there is plenty room for more. And since this will be the 10:th and last time, you will probably not get another chance for a while.
So gear up, start training and register here!

M24KC 2019 open for entry

9:00 Saturday may 18 to Sunday 09:00.

The toughest race you ever entered or the most cosy paddle you’ve ever imagined. Enter this years around the clock kayak competition. With kayakers entering from all over europe we are inviting extreme athletes and calm sunset paddlers alike, to join in a fun and harsh adventure on the waterways of Malmö. Just send us basic information: K1 or K2 or whatever – as long as it is driven by paddle you will be very welcome. Name – obviously! And your city+country or name of club.

Use Registration in the menu to the left or send a mail to: ulf[at]

Yours sincerely
Ulf & Jacob on behalf of all volunteers and Malmö Kayak & Canoe Club