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New World Record

Sebastian Szubski, who reached 233 km in the 2019 M24KC, has set a new world record för 24 h paddling on flat water with incredible 253 km! The record breaking paddling was done 18 July kl 10:00 – 19 July kl 10:00 in Ocwieka, Poland. You can read more about it here.

M24KC 2019

So now another race is over, for the tenth time we paddled around Malmö canal during 24 hours. There was over 100 registered before start and 85 participated in the race – a record number of contestants and a record distance achieved! Läs mer »

New year, new M24KC

Four and a half month until start and already 60 registered! But there is plenty room for more. And since this will be the 10:th and last time, you will probably not get another chance for a while.
So gear up, start training and register here!