Welcome to South Skåne Ocean Race and Swedish championship in Surfski!


Race is Sunday 30 June 2019.

Preliminary program

Saturday 29 June 2019 18:00-21:00; Registration at Malmö Kanotklubb, Malmöhusvägen 10, Malmö
Sunday 30 June 2019:
07:00-08:00 Registration and loading trailers at Malmö Kanotklubb
08:00 Skippers meeting for all classes.
8:30 Bust and trailer leaves for start. During transport it will be ensured that all participants have webtracking app installed and available on their phones. The mobile phone must also be charged to ensure battery life during the competition. First stop is Klagshamn/Barsebäck and second stop is Sibbarp/Lomma.
10.00 Start Senior and Master class race
10.30 Start U18 and Open Recreational Race.
13.00 Lunch and price ceremony at Malmö Kanotklubb.

Safety – Participation is at your own risk!

Re-entry skills are crucial and should be demonstrated upon request. Here is a video showing re-entry.
Mandatory equipment: Webtracking, PFD, Leash, Waterproof packed cellphone, Flare, Whistle, Fluoroscent colored shirt. Before the competition, please read more about webtracking and safety at: “säkerhet and webtracking” (only in Swedish).
If you lack a whistle or a flare, you can buy it at the registration.

Recommended equipment: choose clothes after water temperature, fluid and snacks, fluorescent hat/cap, extra flare.


SS1 Women                       15-25 km
SS1 Men                             15-25 km

U18 Women                       10-15 km
U18 Men                            10-15 km

W50 Master                       15-25 km
M50 Master                        15-25 km

Open Recreational Race    10-15 km

More about rules and conditions for participating on: Sweden Surfski Open.


First three Swedish women SM medal
First three Swedish men SM medal

First three men 15-25 km
First three women 15-25 km

First three men U18
First three women U18

Other prizes will be drawn on starting number.

Before ski

BBQ at Malmö Kanotklubb on saturday evening before the race. More information and registration: camilla.persson3[at]

Registration fee

Senior, Masters and Open Recreational:
• 400 SEK if paid by 31/5.
• 550 SEK if paid by 16/6 (two weeks before the race)
• 800 SEK if paid at registration, no guarantee of ski and paddler transport to start
• 100 SEK if paid by 31/5.
• 250 SEK if paid by 16/6 (two weeks before the race)
• 800 SEK if paid at registration, no guarantee of ski and paddler transport to start


We recommend that you plan for your stay as soon as possible since it during this week will be around 50 different sports competing at the SM-week. There is a possibility to stay at the club from Saturday to Monday in the clubs gymnastic hall, bring your own sleeping- equipment. This will be shared with marathon kayakers, so the space is limited. Contact xxxx for booking a place at the floor at the club.

Register here.
Here you can find maps and information on the different courses.