During 3 exciting days we will host K1 Marathon, K2 Marathon and K1 Short track races. We will crown 12 Nordic champions in the junior and senior classes, as well as paying special attention to competing youngsters and masters!

Latest news

Follow the competitions live on SKF LiveStream!

A quick reminder before Sunday and Mondays races: Wash-riding in between classes is not permitted during the long course (as per IFC rules).

Registered participants per class.

Updated program.

There will be a digital Team-leader meeting at 19.00 Friday 28/4. Please use this link. Type your nationality or club name when you sign in.

Late entries for K1 Short track on Saturday must be done during the team-leader meeting tonight at the latest. If you allready know about cancelations or late entries, send an email to: mange@paddelkraft.se After the team-leader meeting the draw will be done and no late entrys are possible. We already now know that the following classes will go directly to final: K1 Boys 14 K1 Girls 16 C1 Women Senior.

New maps over the Canoe club and Portage/finish area, and some parking recommendations.

The registration is now open! More information here.

New registration fee for Masters 250 SEK.

Do you want to help us during the competition? Read more about it here (in Swedish)

Here are new maps over both Marathon and Short Track courses.

We also have a preliminary program for the competition here. Update Invitation and Program: We will be able to offer competition classes in masters 60, masters 65, masters 70, and masters 75. We also welcome the Para-canoeists to participate in a 9km race with no portage. Competition classes for canoes (C1 and C2) are available for both short track (C1) and marathon (C1 and C2).

Now the invitation to the competition is out: read more here.

The race will take place on the canal that surrounds the city of Malmö!
A beautiful historic town, situated right at the south of Sweden, just across from Copenhagen. With lush parks, old and modern architecture, and a bustling city life. Malmö provides perfect facilities and easy access for both competitors and spectators. 

The event is arranged with the support of Malmö stad.