Vi är en rolig grupp människor som gillar att paddla Dragonboat och Outrigger för rekreation och konkurrens.

Vår klubb är inbäddat i kungens park på Malmö kanal i Sverige.

Vi paddlar alla årstider och tränar minst två gånger i veckan.

Vi älskar att resa och träffa nya människor.

Oavsett om du vill träffa nya människor, lära dig en ny färdighet, raka bort några kilo, gå till guld för Sverige.

Vi är här för dig.

We are a fun group of people who

like to paddle Dragonboat and Outrigger for recreation and competition.

Our club is nestled in the King’s

Park on the Malmö canal in Sweden.

We paddle all seasons and train

at least twice a week.

We love to travel and meet new


Whether you want to meet new

people, learn a new skill, shave off a few kilos, or go for Gold for Sweden.

We are here for you.

What is Dragonboating?

  • What is Dragonboating?
What is Dragonboating?

Dragonboating is on of the fastest growing water sport internationally.

The dragonboats come in two sizes.  A 10-seater termed small boat or 20-seater termed standard boat.  Paddlers sit two abreast in each boat.

In addition, to 10 or 20 paddlers, there is a steersperson (or sweeper) and a drummer. The drummer is positioned at the front of the boat pounding out the time of the paddle stroke during the race.

The competition classes consist of women, men and mixed classes. In the mixed classes, there are at least 4 men in a small boat and at least 8 men in a standard boat. 

Races are 200 m, 500 m and 1000 m long and take place on a straight track. 

For long distance races, 2000 m or 4000 m starts are staggered and have at least 3 turns. 


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Training is all year round. If the canal freezes then we train indoors in our beautiful boat house.

Training on the water is twice a week and up to 4 times when preparing for competitions.

We have a 10 seater Trainer Dragonboat, High Performance 10 seater Dragonboat Racer, and a 6 seater Outrigger.

MKK has a fully equipped weight room and gym hall for group activities.

We hold regular workshops for intense training sessions for beginner through to advanced dragonboaters.

These workshops are designed to help develop and enhance technique, teamwork and overall fitness.

Training Times starting March 2019


18:00 – 19:30 On the water

17:45 – 18:00 Warm up in Gym

17:00 – 17:45 Strength Training in Gym (self assemble)


10:00 – 11:30 On the Water

09:45 – 10:00 Warm up in Gym

09:00 – 9:45 Strength Training in the Gym (self assemble)

Starter Pack

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Come and try out!

No Obligation!

Just email Suzanne20dec@gmail.com and lets us know what training session you would like to try out.

We provide three free training sessions.

Clothing : Anything you do not mind getting wet, including shoes.

Equipment : We provide all the equipment and fit you out with an appropriate paddle prior to getting to the boat.


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Swedish Version

We compete as a club, nationally and internationally all over the world.

Many of our members also compete for Sweden at the European and World Dragonboat Championships.

Teams consist of all women or all men or mixed teams.  Age groups varying from Youth 12 – 17 yrs, Junior >17 to 24 year,  Seniors > 24 yrs, Master 40+, Grand Master 50+ and Great Grand Master 60+.  Minimum age for any team is 12 years.

Races are 100m 200m, 500m, and 1000m which take place on straight tracks.

Longer races of 2000 m or more, have staggered starts with at least three turns. These races are very demanding on paddlers and sweepers and make an exciting spectator sport as the Dragonboats jockey for space to slip past each other on the turns.    They demand highly tactical skills of

paddlers and sweepers alike.

Pink Dragon Ladies