Welcome to the final competition of the Swedish surfski cup!

Race is Saturday 23 Sept. for SS1 and Sunday 24 Sept for SS2
09.00-10.00 Registration and packing trailers at Malmö Kanotklubb.
10.30 Trailer leaves Malmö Kanotklubb.
11.30 Skippers meeting at the start area.
12.00 Start.
13.30-14.00 First finisher.
15.00 BBQ and price giving.


The wind decides what course that will used to get the best DW conditions. The course will be announced on Thursday September 21 at 9 pm, for SS1 and Saturday September 23 for SS2 at prize ceremony.

1. W-wind South of Dragör to West Harbour Malmö – 20 km
2. N to NW-wind From Barsebäck harbour to West Harbour Malmö 18 km.
3. S to SW-wind – depending on wind and current there are two options:
A: If no head current (<0.6 knot) from Skanör harbour to West Harbour Malmö – 25 km.
B: If head current (>0.6 knot from north) from Klagshamn Beach to Malmö Harbour inlet/Central Train Station – 17 km
4. SO-NO A triangular course. This will also be used when no DW can be found or if the wind is too strong.

SS2 will have the same race course options except number 1 (from Dragör to Malmö). If W-wind we will modify race course to maximize DW conditions, but start on Swedish side close to Malmö.

Mandatory equipment: PFD, Leash, Waterproof packed cellphone, Flare, whistle, Fluoroscent shirt.
Recommended equipment: Clothes after water temperature, Fluid and snacks, Fluoroscent hat, Extra flare.
Re-entry skills are crucial and should be demonstrated upon request.
One safety boat will be patrolling the SS1 race. Attention! There will be no safety boat for SS2 race.
Here is a video explaining towing system.

Participation is at your own risk!

SS1 Open Men.
SS1 Open Women.
SS2 Open Men, Women and Mixed. At least 3 entries needed per class. If less than 3 entries the participating boats will be in Mixed class. If less than 4 entries in total including all classes race will be cancelled.

First three men.
First three women.
First three SS2 per class

Other prices will be drawn on starting number.

After ski
Price cermony and BBQ at the club after the race.

Registration fee SS1
500 SEK paid latest 8/9. (If the race starts from Dragör DK there will be an extra 100 SEK to cover the bridge fee.)

650 SEK if paid after 8/9. (If the race starts from Dragör DK there will be an extra 100 SEK to cover the bridge fee.)

Registration fee SS2
200 SEK per boat entered.

Possibility to sleep at own mattress in the clubs gymnastic hall from Saturday to Sunday otherwise hotels and vandrarhem are plentiful in Malmö.